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eighth month of the Revolutionary calendar (April and May)

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52) Decrees of 14 floreal, 21 prairial, 22 fructidor III, 6 jour complementaire IV (Duvergier, Collection de lois, viii.
France's defence ministry said in a statement that as part of Europe's anti-piracy mission, "Operation Atalanta", a patrol plane from Luxembourg had guided the Floreal to some suspicious-looking boats on Wednesday.
66) Memoire sur les Encouragements a accorder au Commerce par le directoire du departement de la Somme, 22 Floreal, Year IV, [11 May 1796], AD Somme L496.
The call from the 6,000 tonne Princess Sarah was picked up by Falmouth coastguards in Cornwall and a helicopter was sent from the nearby French warship Floreal which sent the pirates packing.
The SOS was picked up by officers at Falmouth in Cornwall and they radioed the commander of a French warship, the Floreal, that was in the area off Cape Horn.
Scholars such as Pablo Deiros, Oscar, Pereira, Damian Vivas, Samuel Escobar, Jorge Diaz, Floreal Ureta, H6ctor Llanes, Pablo Moreno, and Juan Carlos Cevallos are only a few of the specialists whose biblical studies evidence a commitment to a more contextualized biblical exegesis.
Floreal Puig, Aracruz recovery and utility manager, based on the success of these two upgrades, the approach is being considered for other mill areas as well.
Buenos Aires, Argentina: Ediciones del CCC, Centro Cultural de la Cooperacion Floreal Gorini, 2005.
Floreal Horacio Crespo, Alexander James Christopher Harper, Alvaro Cardoso de Sousa and Gustavo Alfredo Horacio Ferrari as directors of the company.
Some, like Floreal Knitwear in Mauritius produce high quality cashmere garments for top European fashion stores.
21) The cycle was decreed on 18 Floreal, an II (7 May 1794).
A law creating the Legion of Honor was proclaimed by the Court of Napoleon 1st on "29 Floreal An 10" (May 20, 1802).
Products like buttons, coat-racks and zips also began to be produced to the point where, today, an EPZ company like Floreal Knitwear can boast being the second largest pull-over giant in the world behind Benetton.
ATLANTA, June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- 414 Days Until Opening Ceremony -- Olympians LaVonna Floreal, Jim McNally and Phil Mulkey, along with other special guests have volunteered to be guest celebrities during the week of June 2 - 7 at the Centennial Olympic Games Hanes T-shirt Auction.
This project includes the market reliability, sustainability and operational maintenance of radar DRBV21-A (air surveillance radar fitted to the TCD Siroco (transport landing craft) Frigates Supervisory kind Floreal and Centre instruction Naval (CIN) Saint-Mandrier).