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Synonyms for actinomorphic

capable of division into symmetrical halves by any longitudinal plane passing through the axis

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After assessing the images, the student uses the drop-down menus to select floral symmetry, ovary position, numbers of parts in the various whorls, and fusion within or between whorls.
Diversity of cycloidea-like genes in Gesneriaceae in relation to floral symmetry.
An apparent reversal in floral symmetry in the legume Cadia is a homeotic transformation.
Independent origin of radial floral symmetry in the Gloxinieae (Gesnerioideae: Gesneriaceae) is supported by the rediscovery of Phinaea pulchella in Cuba.
An epigenetic mutation responsible for natural variation in floral symmetry.
Floral symmetry and nectar guides: ontogenetic constraints from floral development, colour pattern rules and functional significance.
Evolution of perianth and stamen characteristics with respect to floral symmetry in Ranunculales.