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Users can select the processor, memory, mass storage devices, floppy drives and peripherals to meet nearly any computing requirement.
Apple Computer stopped putting floppy drives in Macintosh computers several years ago, but other leading firms including Hewlett-Packard still offer them.
You insert it right into the USB port and your computer reads it just like it would read a floppy drive.
We've combined two essential components, a floppy drive and a 7-n-1 media card reader, as a solution for users that need these components, but do not have them built into their computer," said Tony Shahbaz, president and CEO of I/OMagic Corporation.
Besides, this floppy drive is fully consistent with Jobs's total Macintosh vision.
1-inch TFT XGA display and a 6x DVD multimedia drive that you won't have to swap with the floppy drive.
which has decided to put the new high-capacity floppy drive in two of its Deskpro office computers as a standard feature starting April 2.
Many readers will recall that the original IBM PC was equipped with a connector for a cassette tape drive--the tape drive and a floppy drive were available storage for this first PC.
However, this means that you'll have to transfer everything from your old case to the new one, including hard drive, CD-ROM drive, floppy drive, etc.
Some models allow you to swap a CD-ROM and a floppy drive.
You may have to give up your floppy drive and sacrifice a little speed for longer battery life, but it's worth it if mobility is key.
Unlike the 5300, the 1400 series has an optional removable 6X CD-ROM drive, whose slot can also accommodate a floppy drive or an extra battery.
5-inch floppy drive, trackball and 80MB to 170MB removable hard drive.