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PC World commercial director Bryan Magrath said the "relentless" pace of technological change had left floppy disks unable to compete.
Worldwide Computer Products News-1 February 2007-PC World to end floppy disk storage sales(C)1995-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Because it is larger, it holds much more information than a floppy disk.
It can store a great deal more information than a floppy disk.
A floppy disk consists of a memory disk and a pair of disk shells provided with a liner inside for protecting the memory disk.
Floppy disks, which also use magnetism to store data, suffer the same limitation.
According to Hartery, demand for floppy disks was somewhat soft during the first quarter of 1995.
Hard disks are fixed inside the computer, while floppy disks are removeable.
If you can't use OBDR as a bootable CD-ROM, having floppy disks with the driver files necessary to control the drive can be the next best thing.
is identical in size to today's floppy disks but has more storage room than most home desktop computers did just four years ago.
Prepare data file backups on floppy disks at least as frequently as data are changed.
Eighty-four percent of the respondents store their files on hard disks and 68 percent use floppy disks (chart 3).
MD DATA's 140MB capacity -- about the same as 100 standard floppy disks -- meets the needs of many of today's personal computer users.
Today, almost all users of Macintosh or PC-based systems use hard drives with storage capability of 20 to 80 megabytes for day-to-day work, using floppy disks for transporting, backup and archiving.
Speed is an obvious convenience, but a hard disk also reduces work-flow disruptions by eliminating frequent changing of floppy disks.