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In Quill, the Court noted that "although title to a few floppy diskettes present in a [s]tate might constitute some minimal nexus," the Court would reject any "slightest presence" standard of constitutional nexus.
Far more data can be stored on its disks than on ordinary floppy diskettes.
Others are packaged on CD-ROMs or on floppy diskettes and sent to users; such databases require periodic updates to remain current.
The program is stored on two floppy diskettes (either 3 1/2 or 5 1/4-inch) and comes with a user's guide and quick reference card, and UniLink will apply a 20% discount towards the purchase of additional modules of equal or lesser value.
Jamal's Yellow Pages was presented in computerised version on floppy diskettes in 1996.
BIGGER FLOPPIES: 3M will begin selling computer diskettes next month that will hold 120 megabytes of information, about 80 times as much as the floppy diskettes that are now common.
Thus, more data can be stored on hard drives and copied to floppy diskettes for backup or other organizational purposes.
The publication can also be special ordered in a network version, on floppy diskettes, and on other media.
The Merck Manual TextStack is also available on floppy diskettes.