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5-inch floppy diskettes are available from Imation in black, neon and patriotic colors in various packaging configurations at online and retail stores nationwide.
In recent market research conducted on our behalf, we have identified an apparently unmet consumer need for small, easy to use, rewritable media with storage density higher than floppy diskettes, but lower than that of personal USB flash drives typically used today," said Noam Kedem, vice president of marketing for msystems.
95, and on MS-DOS and Macintosh(R) floppy diskette for a suggested price of $49.
R)" Version 3, for Windows and MS-DOS floppy diskette.
MINNEAPOLIS, July 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Flood victims in the southeastern United States who discover that their computer hard disk drives, floppy diskettes, tape backups, or removable media have sustained water-related or other physical damage may be able to recover usable data from even severely impaired drives, according to Stuart Hanley, engineering manager for Ontrack Data Recovery, Inc.
NOTE TO EDITORS: (a) = floppy diskette software requiring Newton Connection Kit(TM); (b) = PCMCIA card.
Version 3" is available for Windows floppy diskette at retail stores for a suggested list price of $49.
This title is planned for release on floppy diskette at an estimated retail price of $69.
The title comes on a floppy diskette that users can download from their personal computer to their Newton device.
This virus type was the most prevalent until the mid-1990s, spreading primarily in the 16-bit DOS world via floppy diskettes.
In Quill, the Court noted that "although title to a few floppy diskettes present in a [s]tate might constitute some minimal nexus," the Court would reject any "slightest presence" standard of constitutional nexus.
Far more data can be stored on its disks than on ordinary floppy diskettes.
Others are packaged on CD-ROMs or on floppy diskettes and sent to users; such databases require periodic updates to remain current.
The program is stored on two floppy diskettes (either 3 1/2 or 5 1/4-inch) and comes with a user's guide and quick reference card, and UniLink will apply a 20% discount towards the purchase of additional modules of equal or lesser value.
In addition, the prosecutor explained that a forensic analysis of LANNAN's computer and floppy diskettes disclosed over 800 pornographic images of children.