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scale drawing of a horizontal section through a building at a given level

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Manufacturer-aligned financiers tend to compete for the supply of floor-plan financing to motor vehicle dealerships which have some affiliation with the relevant manufacturer, such as where the dealership has a franchise for one of its brands.
There are a range of manufacturer-aligned financiers that provide strong competition for floor-plan financing and point-of-sale financing to dealerships that have such an affiliation, which presently may account for up to three quarters of motor vehicle dealerships in Australia, Mr Sims said.
The majority of motor vehicle dealerships in Australia will continue to have access to the competitive floor-plan finance offerings from a range of manufacturer-aligned financiers and non-aligned financiers.
In addition to Macquarie, a number of financiers and financial institutions were identified as appearing to be well placed to enter or expand to compete for the provision of floor-plan financing to motor vehicle dealerships, including those dealerships which do not currently have an affiliation with a manufacturer-aligned financier.
This state-of-the-art system links floor-plans for the entire building with models of furnishings and equipment, potential layouts for executive offices and service areas, conference rooms, and other specialized uses.