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scale drawing of a horizontal section through a building at a given level

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0 is its ability to import existing PDF floor plans and add reports to the inventory database.
The integration of professional photography and a detailed floor plan in a single intuitive technology platform allows vacation rental managers using TruPlace interactive floor plans to instantly offer guests a visual perspective of the vacation home.
RoomScan Pro is a tool appraisers can use to create a quick, approximate floor plan for a property.
The floor plans are influenced by the hundreds of custom homes that Paradigm Building Group has built over the years for individual customers, and include many of the most popular features that buyers look for in a new home, but allow buyers to move through the planning and construction process more quickly and easily.
In turn, prospective residents are reacting well to the tool that helps them envision themselves and their belongings in their future apartments much more easily than with traditional two-dimensional floor plans, according to Sheila Byrne, Senior Vice President of Market-Rate Management for The Habitat Company.
iFPs are digital renderings of floor plans that are easy to navigate, understand, and view online, enhancing real estate marketing plans and enabling prospects to view property when and where they want to.
Floor plans for the Terrace Lofts are similar to those of the Main Street Lofts, but with an added emphasis on outdoor entertaining or sunning on oversized terraces.
Two pairs of three-quarter-inch-thick panels of translucent rubber, each imprinted with a different architectural floor plan, made up Trans Parent Home I and Trans Parent Home II (all works 2002).
Central School District, which was not among those threatened, took the floor plan of one of its schools off the Web, where it had been since 1999.
Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons, features Neutra's redwood ceilings and also sliding glass doors that open onto an atrium in the center of the floor plan.
With the addition of move lists, the ability to drag and drop people and assets onto floor plans, and the real-time synchronization of proposed floor plans with daily workplace changes, organizations are seeing a reduction in the time, redundancy, and data inconsistencies within the move process.
About three years ago, busy expo managers, booth sales managers, and even show decorators of all stripes started to find a better way to manage their floor plans in real time, from any location with an ease they never before thought possible.
WITH THE PRACTICE OF CLUSTER PLANNING, THE TRADITIONAL floor plans of senior living facilities are evolving into innovative arrangements of Main Streets, neighborhoods, and households.
SIR: In discovering that you had missed out one of the floor plans in your review of Mr Pawson's beautiful house I became involved in carefully examining the circulation (AR May, p93).
OGC[R]) held a special session of the OGC 3DIM (3D Information Management) Domain Working Group to bring together professionals representing standards development organizations and activities working on encoding standards for indoor location and routing, floor plans, and other built environment information.