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Synonyms for member

Synonyms for member

one of the parts into which something is divided

Synonyms for member

anything that belongs to a set or class

an organization that is a member of another organization (especially a state that belongs to a group of nations)

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5% by each of NYMEX and Dubai's state company Tatweer and 30% by the Oman Investment Fund, with the remaining 5% allocated to DME floor members - has invited Shell, BP and Total to become shareholders in the exchange.
The second floor members club, Cyan is decorated with bespoke wallpaper and furnished with design classics and antique pieces.
Using data on the limit order books and specialists' quotes, Goldstein and Kavajecz examine liquidity provision by limit order traders and floor members during these extreme market movements.
All floor members must be authorized members of the Securities and Futures Authority (SFA) which ensures protection to all users of the market.
Medium-sized firms - those with 151 to 499 registered persons - NYSE floor members, independent dealer/insurance affiliated firms and investment companies each have one seat.
To achieve the solid, linear feel of those targets, the team increased body stiffness by 20% by widening existing floor members, reinforcing joint areas and re-designing the tower bars and upper bulkhead that surround the engine compartment with more rigid closed section stampings.
76m Girder) UP &DN line including metalizing of floor members between KEU-LKR stations on main line.