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a formal reception of visitors or guests (as at a royal court)

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a pier that provides a landing place on a river

an embankment that is built in order to prevent a river from overflowing

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Farmers affected by recent floods will be able to apply for a grant to help repair man-made floodbanks from today Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead has confirmed.
In 2008, more wetland scrapes were created and a third section of floodbank was removed at Hipsburn Farm, further upstream in the River Aln estuary.
The proposal to remove sections of floodbank was seen as controversial, but the Environment Agency and Natural England engaged the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group to float the idea with landowners and farmers in the area and the positive response provided the momentum for the programme.
The scheme involved the building of a 230 metre floodbank and 50 metres of floodwall along the southern and eastern boundaries of the estate to protect from any future flood risk from the River Wear.
Contract award: modernization floodbank plain ciechocinek in km 0 +000 to 12 +000.
Last year, during the first phase of the project, over 450 metres of floodbank was removed, and work started on restoring the Fenton Burn back to its original channel.
The Environment Agency built a 230 metre floodbank and 50 metres of floodwall to protect eight properties.
The Purchaser reserves the right to exclude from the subject of the agreement floodbank (object), levees (objects) in the case of acquisition by the Purchaser of funds for reconstruction or rebuilding flood barrier (object), levees (objects), which does not entitle the Contractor to raise any claims for damages.
A replacement flood wall in Haydon Bridge and floodbank improvements in Bellingham, Northumberland.
The Parks Estate, near the River Wear in Chester-le-Street, has benefitted from a 230-metre floodbank and 50 metres of floodwall.