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a low plain adjacent to a river that is formed chiefly of river sediment and is subject to flooding


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A Model Draft Bill for Flood Plain Zoning Legislation was circulated by the Union Government in 1975 to all States to help States enact legislation.
Ban all building on flood plains or design the buildings to flood as used to happen centuries ago.
The Roscommon-South Leitrim deputy said: "We must identify and make available areas of bogland along the Shannon which are suitable to be utilised as flood plains.
Whilst it must be pleasant to live near a river, the time must come when building on flood plains is banned for the greater good of all.
Flood plains have been built on, wet lands drained and upland areas cleared of the natural vegetation that reduces and delays run-off.
Some of the harrowing incidents recorded in The Uncounted Dead: farming's unofficial victims include: the 700,000 chickens who drowned on adjoining farms located on a flood plain (the company is rebuilding its sheds on the same site); and the 2,000 pigs who perished in a fire at a Lincolnshire farm, only for 670 more pigs to die at the same farm in another fire just six months later.
the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) worried "little effort" was taken to find alternative building locations to flood plains.
A survey of 25 major British and north-west French sites dating from 500,000 to 200,000 years ago has revealed that early humans - members of the now long-extinct species Homo heidelbergensis - predominantly chose to live on islands that were located in major rivers' flood plains.
He said: "We never claim on our insurance, but we need it because we're on a flood plain and you don't know what's going to happen.
The thousands of people who got buried under landslides, got swept away by raging rivers, displaced by engorged flood plains, stranded by landslides and stripped of homes, belongings and family would not have been mere statistics as they are now.
The Impact of Climate Change and Population Growth on the National Flood Insurance Program" predicts that because of climate change, for inland areas, the average increase in both the river depth and the area in the flood plain are expected to increase by 45 percent by 2100.
The Wentloog Levels site, which is supposed to be in the highly protected Gwent Levels GSSS1 and entirely within the flood plain is also in isolated open countryside which should not be included for strategic development.
Areport has revealed a timebomb which could leave thousands of Midland homes at risk due to widespread building on flood plains.
But building on flood plains, ignoring the advice and knowledge of local residents, ignoring the environment and rural protection agencies, not getting the infrastructure right, not dealing with the impact on local communities, not protecting green belt, and so on.
SO Brynle Williams, Assembly Member for North Wales, rightly complained about unaffordable insurance premiums for houses on flood plains (article DP 23.