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something that restrains a flood or outpouring

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regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice

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With over 2,000 flood gates in the Shanghai area alone, efficiently monitoring and coordinating control of all points proved a challenge.
The massive flood gates at Mann Island are at the centre of British Waterways' creation of the new Liverpool Canal Link.
The sand bags and expandable flood gates are still all in position with the forecast as it is, " he said.
If Mr Thapa wins his case it could open up the flood gates to discrimination claims from 30,000 other Gurkhas and 6,000 widows.
Make no mistake: Return of captured lands by the Israelis will be perceived by the Arab world as a sign of weakness and will open the flood gates for further demands.
With 15 applications pending approval, an already impressive reserve of drugs in house and pending legislation that will open the flood gates to generic drug companies, Wyatt recommends investors take a second look at IMPAX Labs.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance Of Flood Gates Including Servicing, Oiling & Greasing At Various Location In South West (Athwa) Zone, Surat.
In Cockermouth in Cumbria, which flooded in 2009, the first self-raising flood gates are being installed which use the power of flood water to lift the barrier and hold it up.
That goal allowed the flood gates to open as Ayton then added a further three goals in the dying minutes.
The Farrar Road side had threatened to make a contest of the Uefa Cup qualifier when Les Davies (far right) cancelled out Mikkel Thygesen's 18th-minute strike before the flood gates opened shortly before half-time.
Wesley came from a goal down to lead at half-time thanks to strikes from Brian Frazer and Ryan O'Neil The flood gates opened in the second-half with plenty of action at both ends.
2), to open the flood gates for customers to begin using SnapShot software for even more of their business applications.
The scope of work includes but is not limited to the furnish and installation of all associated work for the following items: miscellaneous iron, flood gates, metal louvers, aluminum wall panels, carpentry, drywall, acoustical ceiling/insulation, hollow metal (frames/doors), finish hardware, special performance doors & window assemblies, overhead coiling doors, fire-rated overhead doors and overhead grille/frames assemblies, architectural millwork, painting, storefront, ornamental metals, glazing, ceramic/stone, flooring, toilet accessories/compartments, roofing, signage, specialties/equipment, elevator, hoisting, waterproofing, flashing, and wire mesh security enclosure partitions, security equipment.
Existing flood walls and embankments being raised, widened or refurbished where necessary, the provision of flood gates and the installation of poles upstream in the river to catch trees and avoid town centre bridges being blocked.
The torrential downpours were the first test for the 34 flood gates in the defences which encircle the town since an emergency training exercise a month ago.