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a hill in Northumberland where the invading Scots were defeated by the English in 1513

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a battle in 1513

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The author of this study effectively uses both primary and secondary sources to provide the reader with a detailed description of the battle of Flodden Field, Britain's last medieval and first early modern battle.
It's among 25 new Flodden 1513 sites which include churches, bridges and castles and means the UK's only cross-border ecomuseum (effectively a "museum without walls") now has a heritage network of core sites in the Tweed Valley, where the bloody battle was fought, and others as far afield as Suffolk, Portsmouth, Manchester, Galloway, Edinburgh and Stirling, making a total of 41.
Unlike the English lords, who lurked at the back with the reserves, at Flodden the Scottish nobility led from the front, and were slain in their dozens.
For it was on this day in 1513 that the cataclysmic Battle Of Flodden took place - an incredibly brutal and bloody confrontation which saw the invading Scottish Army pulverised by the English.
John Sadler's FLODDEN 1513: SCOTLANDS GREATEST DEFEAT (1841769592, $18.
SCOTS historians are planning a memorial in tribute to the fallen at the ill-fated Battle of Flodden almost five centuries ago.
This was the painted gesso relief of The Battle of Flodden Field of 1880-86 (Fig.
The distinction is useful in helping us to see a work such as Greene's James the Fourth (1598) as a history play- despite its incorporation of a subplot involving Oberon, King of Faeries, and its refusal to spoil the reconciliation of the King of Scots with his wife, Dororhea, ignoring the quarto's title page acknowl edgment that he was "slaine at Flodden.
1513: The Scots were defeated by the English at the Battle of Flodden Field.
It grows out of the old substance of city from the bedrock, and is defined by the lines of the Flodden Wall(1) and the old street fronts.
After the Battle of Flodden (1513), in which James IV of Scotland was killed, Douglas abandoned his literary career for political activities.
1513: The Battle of Flodden Field was fought near Branxton in Northumberland in which James IV of Scotland was defeated and killed by English troops under Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey.
Cars were then damaged on Marton Drive, Stokesley Crescent, Atwick Close, Skripka Drive, Bowes Road, Flodden Way, Hastings Way, Redworth Road, Cockfield Avenue, Weardale Crescent and Bannockburn Way.
ON September 9 it is the 502nd anniversary of the Battle of Flodden.
The plaque commemorates James IV, who died at the Battle of Flodden in 1513.