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a seaplane equipped with pontoons for landing or taking off from water

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But once our floatplane landed next to our camp, Bowhunter TV cameraman Jim Thompson and I were able to relax and soak in the epic beauty of the Yukon.
Since you can reach Stehekin only by ferry, floatplane, or foot, my wandering teens will be without their wheels.
The Cessna floatplane was providing sightseeing flights in the area of La Tuque.
Combined with Mirage's experienced guides, strategically located outpost camps and the ability to stay mobile with floatplanes and helicopters, we had good reason to feel confident.
Canada's Viking Air is considering using E-coat in the production process for its new Bombardier DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400 to boost the corrosion-resistance capabilities of the turbine twin and attract carriers that operate the aircraft as floatplanes in the harshest of conditions - salt water.
Wide-stance landing gear enables the Lake to operate from paved and unpaved runways on land, while its hull-shaped fuselage provides in-water handling that vastly exceeds traditional floatplanes.
Seabird operated floatplanes from ystanbul to popular seaside vacation destinations such as Alacaty, Bozcaada, Ecanakkale, Gemlik, Ayvalyk as well as flights in between those destinations.
In some communities in Southeast Alaska, there are no runways, which is why Ketchikan-based Taquan Air maintains a fleet of eight DeHavilland Beaver floatplanes, says general manager Tory Korn.
Four weeks earlier, at the Battle of the Java Sea on March 1, 1942, shipboard floatplanes had been involved in one of the great naval fiascos of the war: the 36,600 ton Japanese battleship Hiei, engaging the elderly 1,190 ton destroyer USS Edsall at extreme range 250 miles south south-east of Christmas Island, launched its three-seat Kawanishi E7K2 and two two-seat Nakajima E8N2 floatplanes to spot for fall of shot and managed to fire 210 14-inch shells without a single hit.
115 floatplanes, all part of the losing battle that eventually saw the loss of Norway to the Nazis.
Planes include fixed wing, floatplanes and helicopters which often land on glaciers allowing guests the opportunity to get out and walk on the glacier.
Those caribou are still hunted quite successfully, but changing migration patterns have shifted hotspots farther west, often making a Super Cub necessary to reach higher ridges instead of using handy floatplanes.
Hunting camps are accessed primarily by helicopter, although floatplanes are sometimes used, too.
On a summer college getaway Masden sailed from Seattle to Ketchikan and fell in love with Southeast When she saw floatplanes landing in Ketchikan's Tongass Strait, she quickly lost interest in piloting a passenger airliner.
The Park Service is developing a general management plan (GMP) for Voyageurs National Park, which will regulate future use of snowmobiles and floatplanes in the park.