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Synonyms for floater

spots before the eyes caused by opaque cell fragments in the vitreous humor and lens

a debt instrument with a variable interest rate tied to some other interest rate (e

a wanderer who has no established residence or visible means of support

an employee who is reassigned from job to job as needed

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a voter who votes illegally at different polling places in the same election

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a swimmer who floats in the water

an object that floats or is capable of floating

an insurance policy covering loss of movable property (e

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115,500,000 class A-2 floating-rate notes 'AAA' due 2052;
56,000,000 class I-A floating-rate notes affirmed at 'AAA';
100,000,000 class A1-B second priority senior secured floating-rate notes due 2042 'AAA';
35,131,000 class B floating-rate notes due September 2047 'AA';
27,225,000 class A-2 floating-rate notes affirmed at 'AAA';
240,000,000 Class A-2 Second Priority Senior Floating-Rate Notes Due April 2047 'AAA';
430,000,000 class A-1 first priority senior secured floating-rate notes due 2037 'AAA';
250,000,000 class A-3 third priority senior secured floating-rate notes due 2048 'AAA';
90,000,000 class A-2 variable floating-rate notes due 2046 'AAA';
60,300,000 class B floating-rate notes due 2041 'AA+';
56,000,000 class A1J senior secured floating-rate notes due 2045 affirmed at 'AAA';
38,000,000 class I-B floating-rate notes due 2052 'AAA';
97,500,000 class I secured floating-rate notes due 2009 affirmed at 'AAA';
14,000,000 class D-1 floating-rate notes remain at 'CC/DR5';
49,444,115 Class A-1LA floating-rate notes affirmed at 'AAA';