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a voter who has no allegiance to any political party and whose unpredictable decisions can swing the outcome of an election one way or the other


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It is the floating voters that a party needs to convince in order to win an election.
Research suggests that floating voters are more likely to trust the Tories on the economy but are more supportive of Labour's approach to public services and believe the party is more likely to be on their side.
I am not a diehard Labour man knocking the Tories, I am a floating voter who has voted Labour or Tory over many years.
PAL believes that many floating voters could be swayed into not voting for a party whose leader thinks hunting with hounds is not cruel.
That is a big change that's coming with a Conservative government" Conservative leader David Cameron Polls A poll yesterday revealed that retired people are far more likely to vote for the Tories than anyone else, but over 20 per cent of them are undecided floating voters.
But I think Nick Clegg may have persuaded some of the floating voters last night.
Character Building cannot be expected to win by a landslide, but any floating voters can do a lot worse than supporting Quinn and Carberry in their pursuit for greatness.
JUST when the Conservatives are looking to be getting their act together, and their visits to Liverpool are no longer attracting unwelcome attentions, and they might even be turning a few more heads of the floating voters in their direction, up popped Chris Grayling, their Shadow Minister for Liverpool, heaping praises on Gary Neville, the Manchester Utd captain, suggesting that he is the ideal role model for today's young men.
The controversial centre, Constituency Campaigning Services, played a key role in the Conservative Party's last general election campaign and was equipped with advanced computer technology used to identify floating voters.
The magazine says women aged 25 to 45 are the largest group of floating voters in the UK, and are becoming more politicised with 91 per cent of those polled intending to vote in the next General Election, compared to 64 per cent last time.
A poll yesterday said floating voters would rather see Cameron in No.
This rises to a net 73 per cent among Labour voters and 60 per cent among swing or floating voters.
Whoever becomes the new leader has to make sure the party appeals to the floating voters who sided with the Conservatives last week.
Chef Matthew Riach, 31, "" from Edinburgh, said: "Anything that helps floating voters is definitely to be welcomed.
Floating voters, unconvinced by Cameron's sham conversion to compassionate Conservatism, lap up Boris's self-deprecating style.