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A floating roof tank is most at risk from lightning when the roof is high since when the tank is full or near full, lightning current flows are concentrated in the shunts directly below the strike location.
Another stand-out feature is the so-called floating roof, which is of the panoramic glass type, strengthened by a distinctive X-structure in the centre of the roof with the crossing point of the X sitting above the front seat passengers.
And, considering the signature floating roof, V-Motion grille and bold exterior lines that make the Murano famous, this is no small feat.
The pavilion's floating roof is designed as a timber structure that references the 'raised-beam' system found in traditional Chinese architecture, but is adapted to accommodate modern construction technology," said the architects.
Toyota says it used customer feedback for the new specification for the Yaris Hybrid Trend, including the introduction of the C-pillar decal to create the floating roof look.
The stunning DS3 Cabrio is guaranteed to turn heads with its floating roof design and the shark fin B-pillar
The sock is clamped to the gauge poles, or to a transition box positioned on top of the floating roof.
Adams and his team have drawn an interesting-looking small car - it's based on a shortened version of the Corsa chassis - that has what he calls a floating roof.
Adams and his team have drawn an interesting looking small car - it's based on a shortened version of the Corsa chassis - that has what Adams calls a floating roof.
Water enters pipelines primarily through external floating roof tanks from the customers (shippers) on the pipeline.
The floating roof is clearly reprised from the Lucerne Cultural Centre (AR October 1998), but whereas Lucerne is an object building on a lakeside plot, Reina Sofia has to contend with a less forgiving urban condition and in the context of its impassive neighbours and tight site, ends up looking hectically gestural.
Limited Tenders are invited for Mblr Related Hot Works & Repair Jobs In Existing Floating Roof Tank No 03B At Manmad Installation.
Tracing the sight line back towards Murano's liftgate, drivers notice what Nissan identifies as its crossover's floating roof.
The model retains its blacked out roof support that create a floating roof effect and there are chrome door sills and door mirror covers.
A Yaris Edition with free finance costs from just PS159 a month and is equipped with 15-inch Podium-machined alloy wheels, floating roof decals, rear privacy glass, front fog lamps and a six-speaker CD/radio.