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As importance of the floating point operation increases, the research work on designing enhanced hardware for their computations also increases.
Altera 20 nm FPGAs with Hard Floating Point DSP Demonstrate Industry-leading Performance and Power Efficiency
These new power levels give developers the ability to lower heat dissipation, improve ergonomics and bring more portability to end products that require the high precision and wide dynamic range of floating point.
Super FinSim supports arithmetic operations of combination of Verilog literal integer, literal real, real, integer, reg, VP fixed point, and IEEE 754/854 floating point.
The discussion also will include target applications, the differences between fixed and floating-point architectures, the appropriate mix of tools and software for floating point DSPs and more.
Arithmatica, the leading provider of focused datapath synthesis solutions for silicon math, demonstrates the power of its CellMath floating point library in an advanced FPGA-based graphics pipeline architecture.
R) multitasking kernel compatible with uITRON, SuperPeg(TM) portable embedded GUI, USNET(R) embedded TCP/IP protocol suite, embedded Web Server, USFiles(R) processor and RTOS independent compatible file system, GOFAST(R) floating point libraries, and EmTalk(TM) Integrated Software VoIP Package.
CreamWare's family of sound modules perfectly emulates the sound and feel of several popular legendary analog keyboards using Analog Devices floating point processor.
OTC Bulletin Board: LGPT), world leading developer of superior software products and hardware designs for embedded computation, today announced that it is expanding development and marketing of its software products and hardware designs for high speed exponential floating point (efp) computation in embedded systems and digital signal processing (DSP).
Floating point DSPs are expected to lead revenue increases over the next five years, growing from US$1.
Nasdaq: NXGN) today announced floating point members of its Nx586 processor family.
It includes unit shipments, revenue, and Average Selling Price forecasts for 16-bit, 24-bit, and floating point DSPs through 2009.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT) today responded to customer concerns about the widely publicized floating point flaw in the Intel(R) Pentium(TM) processor.
The ADSP-21375, starting at $5, will allow engineers to utilize the precision of floating point processors in even the most cost-sensitive application areas.