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a barge that is designed and equipped for use as a dwelling

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The architect they hired for the project, Robert Nebolon, hadn't designed a floating home before but had worked on waterfront houses.
The City of Riviera Beach brought an in rem action in admiralty against the floating home seeking to assert a maritime lien for dockage fees and damages for trespass.
Although it might be rather alarming when it starts to float, if I lived on a flood plain, I'd certainly choose a floating home rather than a flooding one.
Coachella's new floating home offers numerous bars (Pool & Mast Bar, Sunset Bar, Ensemble Lounge and Club Quasar, among others); French, Italian and other European-inspired restaurants; and amenities like a casino, fitness area, library, Persian garden, cyber cafe, yoga studio, spa and salon.
Among Mr Woodbridge's supporters is local aboriginal elder from the Ngambri tribe, Mr Shane Mortimer who lodged and interlocutory injunction with the Supreme Court on behalf of the industrial design student, to what the elder called an 'unlawful forced removal' from the floating home.
It is difficult to envisage any development of the ship as a viable commercial undertaking without safe highway access across the railway line, public water supply, public sewage and refuse disposal and all other like facilities needed to service a sporting and floating home complex.
BO) (OTC: SBKJY) offered a discount on rates on floating home loan products.
My floating home had an outbreak of the virus three times in a year, it was fumigated last month, many passengers were hospitalised, people are suing and waiters had to serve in rubber gloves.
Ship integrity is very important; understanding how to maintain the lifeblood of a floating home is tit the heart of the training.
Bussey, 68, is now retired as the director of the Oregon Association of Broadcasters and lives in Portland - appropriately enough, in a floating home on the Columbia River.
From the comfort of our floating home, we have three days in each of Russia's most important centres--Moscow and St Petersburg plus cruise the rivers, canals and lakes of rural Russia visiting small villages, historic centres and religious sites.
By living on this floating home and documenting the experience, the artist hopes to critique the way our culture constructs and then capitalizes on a human desire for freedom, autonomy, and isolation.
A shimmery three-tone phrase repeats itself as the dancers exit, one woman lifted in a split over the heads of the group, gently floating home.
Four ethnic Vietnamese were shot and killed July 15 at their floating home in a fishing community on the Mekong river in Cambodia's Kratie province.
Keeton Gildersleeve offered us a beer as we sat in the comfortable living room of his luxurious two-story floating home.