pontoon bridge

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a temporary bridge built over a series of pontoons

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Faun has been involved in supplying tank bridges, floating bridges, assault boats and ground surfacing materials to the British Army, Royal Navy and Air Force -- the ground surfacing materials are suitable for portable roadways and aircraft operations.
The Chinese military conducted a large-scale drill in July in building temporary floating bridges at the river marking the border with North Korea, a Japanese nongovernmental organization said Saturday.
EWK designs, develops and produces floating bridges and ferrying equipment for military forces worldwide.
Formed into a battalion of engineers, they worked on field fortifications, conducted terrain reconnaissance, and built numerous fixed and floating bridges (see article, page 42).
Other vehicles could not negotiate its mud holes, steep ascents, and shaky floating bridges.
Like the Ribbon Bridge, it can be used to build either ferries (propelled by pontoon boats) or floating bridges.
The Washington State Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining 7,000 miles of highways and 3,300 bridges and tunnels, including the longest and widest of the world's first floating bridges.