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Synonyms for seaplane

an airplane that can land on or take off from water

glide on the water in a hydroplane


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The ban prohibits all year round internal combustion engines in boats and float planes operating on the surface of Waldo Lake, although government agencies can use them for search and rescue, law enforcement and fire suppression, with any other government uses requiring approval of the federal Willamette National Forest supervisor.
My father and I went to an auction for repossessed De Haviland Beaver float planes from an outfit that went bankrupt in Sitka in 1979.
Long famous as the world's largest float plane haven, Lake Hood has now gained mild notoriety for defying efforts to prepare it for the next century of aviation.
Does the idea being supported by owners of float planes make sense?
Who would blow up a float plane over the Alaskan wilderness?
His group has joined forces with Tourism Thunder Bay and local sailing and float plane charter companies to promote and arrange special excursions for hiking, picnicking, birding, historical interpretative tours or for tourists to simply commune with nature.
Members and guests enjoyed ideal weather and were treated to lake and golf course tours, an overview of the property and surrounding area via float plane, a full complement of outdoor activities for children, a golf clinic by PGA Tour Professional Scott McCarron, and live musical entertainment at The Lodge.
The possibility of a Float Plane facility is also being considered for this site, in addition to the recreational facilities planned.
Desperately the cargo pilot circled his float plane above the gale-lashed waters of Penobscot Bay and glimpsed a light blinking through the snow: the Dyce Head Lighthouse.
From Alaska's most populous city, you can travel by ship, railroad, rented RV, car or float plane to any number of adventures.
Sea planes are categorised and subcategorised as pure seaplanes and amphibian seaplanes as well as a float plane and flying boat.
The communications safety system failure between the bridge and the engine room caused the MV Coho - which was bound for Port Angele s - to splinter a government-owned, former float plane dock that was empty.
After planes, trains, airport shuttles, then a final float plane ride, we arrived at Larsen Bay Lodge for our sea duck and black-tail deer adventure.
The island goes all out for the season; Santa arrives by ship and float plane, there are craft fairs and islanders even create a special cocktail for Christmas called the "Glowtini".