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a different aspect of something (especially the opposite aspect)

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The Flipside handshower is an ideal way for homeowners to instantly upgrade their total shower experience with a product that's extremely easy to install," said Les Petch, Performance Showering marketing manager for Kohler.
The flipside is costly movies could eat into each other's business," says trade analyst Komal Nahta.
On the flipside of the above transaction, a 3,000-SF home in west Little Rock's Hickory Grove neighborhood drew a $600,000 transaction.
However on the flipside, respondents voted the absolute worst song they could imagine listening to as Agadoo closely followed by the Birdie Song by The Tweets and Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor.
Steve knew when to be light-hearted, but on the flipside was incredibly sensitive, not least when talking so movingly about his experience of Hillsborough.
FLIPSIDE Nationwide's reputation as a safe haven is serving it well in the current difficult economic climate.
While the likes of Lembit Opik parties-it-up with Cheeky Girls - the flipside of this once respectable party is the horror being inflicted on the residents of Iorwerth Jones Home.
In this meditation on Australian identity, he suggests that the tendency to to attribute American influence to everything we dislike about the contemporary world is the flipside of seeing the US as the only model worthy of emulation.
The flipside has the more aggro FFIB, who play a straighter punk rock.
The Flipside Award is presented to a young person aged 16 or under who has demonstrated talent in the area of science and technology and forms part of the IET Innovation in Engineering Awards.
This compilation, however, is of his solo singles, kicking off with his first hit Soul Twist from 1962 and its flipside Twisting Time - both great cuts.
On the flipside, perhaps the shop's long opening hours count against it because, while the chips are usually pretty good, they're never exceptional.
On the flipside, big brands must not forget independents.
The band, who are climbing the charts with Somewhere Only We Know, will release a limited edition single called Tidal Wave next week with a collaboration between Cerys and Byrne main man Patrick Byrne on the flipside.
The flipside of China's rising competitiveness has been its growth as a target for export goods.