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a chart with several sheets hinged at the top

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This captures on a flipchart what decisions were made on each agenda item along with the appropriate next steps.
The firm said that the service, which includes tea and coffee machines, laptops, a 32-inch LCD monitor and flipchart for presentations to groups of up to eight, was part of its drive to add value to its clients and services.
Through the Flipchart Road Show, he has created a networking event which focuses on marketing and has already helped delegates boost their sales.
Sometimes we get charged pounds 15 by hotels just to write our team on a flipchart, so I thought I would use these bears instead because it was only double the price and it was Christmas.
Expensive extras on offer include booking an overhead projector for a daily charge of pounds 195, TV and video hire at pounds 80, flipchart and pens at pounds 20 and mineral water at pounds 3.
Chairside flipchart to help educate patients on proper oral hygiene
Tottenham boss Redknapp could not resist a chuckle when he saw their trip to the KC Stadium billed as "Nice v Nasty" on a flipchart in manager Phil Brown's office.
It is also helpful to have the daily agenda written up on a flipchart and posted on the wall throughout the day.
It's designed to be used with Thunder Pro, which uses a multiscreen projected display system and data from any source, such as computer files or video images, to display virtual flipchart pages on the wall of any room.
Steelcase subsidiary PolyVision have launched Thunder Pro, a virtual flipchart system that is set to make traditional video and teleconferencing obsolete.
Earlier in the day, each person had designed their own flipchart page and when they were completed, the Post-its were placed in the relevant places.
4 Equipment: Is AV equipment, flipchart, notepads, pencils and included in the cost?
The guide includes an "interactive" flipchart that has been designed to encourage dialogue between patient and practitioner.
The accompanying text advised women: "Always have an abortion done at a registered place by an approved doctor:' Although the flipchart implied that the providers' clinics were approved, the meaning of "registered" was not explained nor how someone could distinguish between an approved and a non-approved provider.