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a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

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We've expanded our platform to track flip phones to accommodate the brokers who need to track their drivers who don't have smartphones.
Sadly, there is no flip phone for your data center yet, but be sure you spend enough time, energy and effort ensuring you have done everything you can to keep your corporate assets and secrets--as well as your customers' personal information--away From prying eyes.
Fredye Gonzales' standard model LG flip phone has been broken about three months, but he's struggled with it waiting for the iPhone's release.
MTI's Shuko MX is the only adjustable mobile-phone bracket to secure slider phones and flip phones while maintaining their full open/close functionality.
As the only load tracking solution built to work on any cell phone, even a standard flip phone, MacroPoint allows U.
It has been noted that one of the smartphones, speculated as a flip phone from Samsung, has passed the FCC documentation as a teaser for the company's fans.
Motorola failed to obtain a trademark for flip phone, a coinage that GTI Corp.
MacroPoint enables DAT Keypoint users to receive automated location updates from a driver's cell phone of any type, including standard flip phones.
Moreover, Samsung has been concentrating on flip phones with installed dual screen, after working on the curved screen technology.
With load level shipment tracking built to work on any cell phone, even flip phones, MacroPoint's freight tracking software now provides Sunline with automated location updates on every load run by brokered carriers.
The flip phone is back, and behind its return is not Google's Motorola which was famous for its Razr line of flip phones, but South Korean tech giant Samsung.
Laptop computers, PDAs, cellular flip phones, and other personal digital devices contain flexible circuits because of their ability to be twisted and folded into complex, tight-fitting assemblies.
Flip phones now come with features such as Bluetooth, cameras, expandable memory and Internet access.
3 megapixel camera; and Candid I and II, both simple, camera-centric flip phones.
Alphanumeric implementations of Fastap-enabled flip phones have proven to push data ARPU 97 percent higher than that of similarly equipped 12-button numeric keypad phones.