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the shell of a clam

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a dredging bucket with hinges like the shell of a clam


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24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing its commitment to providing the most comprehensive location tracking products that can cover the entire trucking industry, FourKites has expanded its platform to cover the small segment of truck drivers still using flip phones and other non-smartphones.
The big news in the mainstream press as I was writing this column in December was that celebrities are now eschewing smartphones for flip phones.
The comeback version of the flip phone is called the W789, featuring two screens, one on the cover and another on the inside and come in a light-purple coloured shell with a retro numerical keyboard for dialing, Stuff.
Fredye Gonzales' standard model LG flip phone has been broken about three months, but he's struggled with it waiting for the iPhone's release.
About the same size as a compact cellular flip phone, this new product disperses an ultraviolet light that kills bacteria on surfaces such as kitchen countertops, toilet seats, telephones, computer keyboards and other office equipment.
He then grabbed her handbag, a navy blue vintage leather clutch bag with silver fastening clips, and a small black VK mobile flip phone before fleeing.
This ultra-thin flip phone is sure to turn a few heads.
The Nokia 6255i is a sleek flip phone with a powerful set of personalization features and tools our customers want," said Wade McGill, vice president of wireless product marketing.
The gang, who were part of a larger group of about 15 Asian men, attacked the victim, punching him in the face and stealing his silver Nokia flip phone.
In pink or baby blue, this gorgeous little flip phone with Kitty wallpaper, Kitty cover and flashing LED colour displays is worth every penny buy it now from around pounds 249.
As the only load tracking solution built to work on any cell phone, even a standard flip phone, MacroPoint allows U.
Therefore, flip phone fans from around the world can expect to see the retro devices in the near future.
Mozilla's new $25 smartphone is a brand new pathway to underserved users without the cash for what is traditionally a more expensive smartphone option compared to a flip phone.
The less popular flip phone models also revealed levels of cobalt and nickel.
The phone is a limited edition, black Nokia 8800 Sirocco flip phone and the half bangle is in a spiral design, with gold balls at either end, which is of great sentimental value.