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a muzzle loader that had a flintlock type of gunlock


an obsolete gunlock that has flint embedded in the hammer

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Instead, folks in pre-1840s period dress were shooting flintlock muskets, throwing tomahawks and knives, and shooting arrows at moving targets.
The pistol features a long, graceful 12-1/2" 50-caliber swamped barrel by Ed Rayl and a finely-made petite Chambers flintlock.
Patented by John Hancock Hall of Maine in 1811, Hall's flintlock and percussion rifles and percussion carbines soldiered on successfully for decades, at least until the end of the Civil War.
This is consistent with Myatt's findings and the results we have obtained with several large-caliber flintlock pistols when using recommended loads.
The reason some of us hunt with flintlock muzzleloaders is to put a challenge into hunting.
The LePage Flintlocks and Caplocks share the same overall profile and handling qualities as well as the internal lock components.
Surviving Dickert flintlocks typically employ an engraved daisy-head patchbox, and brass furniture.
Well known in my part of Maine for his scratch built flintlocks, Adolphsen served in both the Coast Guard and the Army.
After a respite of almost wo centuries, the slim and elegant Philadelphia pistols, true to their predecessors, recapture the artistry and precision of he golden-age of flintlocks.
What made the 1903 a bear to shoot was its low, narrow comb, considerable drop at heel and narrow, hard buttplate -- features left over from the early Kentucky and Pennsylvania flintlocks.
Gone are the flintlocks, horse, mask and hat, and in its place is a seemingly broken down car and a demand for cash for petrol often in exchange for cheap, tatty jewellery.
Gone are the FLINTLOCKs, horse, masK and hat, and in is a seemingly broKen down car and a demand for cash for petrol often in exchange for cheap and very tatty jewellery.
Among those players pictured are Jacqueline Taylor, Trevor Kitchen and "policeman" Stan Jukes who armed with only a truncheon does not look too concerned about the pirates' flintlocks.
80-caliber smoothbore matchlock, though some snaphances, flintlocks and wheellocks were also in limited use, as were lighter calivers, the latter eventually--in many cases--supplanting the musket.
My dad worked at a printers and they used to print the admission tickets for Flintlocks so we knew the doormen really well and I was the proud owner of a VIP card (which I'm sure I found not so long ago when clearing out a drawer) which got myself and a friend free admission.