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Synonyms for Flindersia

small genus of Australian timber trees

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Average weight for Flindersia brayleyana and Flindersia pimenteliana is 34 pounds per cubic foot and 43 pounds per cubic foot for Flindersia laevicarpa.
The red soil plains surrounding the lake support different plant communities that include Callitris, Casuarina, Eremophila and Flindersia species (Furby 1995).
The presence of an intrastaminal disk, together with a whorl of vascularized staminodes (as in Toona, Cedrela of Meliaceae and Flindersia of Rutaceae: Sheela Lal, 1994; Sheela Lal & Narayana, 1994), makes the interpretation of staminodes more concordant among authors.
Floral anatomy and systematic position of Flindersia R.
Atragene Rutaceae Diosmeae, Flindersia Sapotaceae Magodendron, Mimusops, Synsepalum, Achras, etc.
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