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flightless birds having flat breastbones lacking a keel for attachment of flight muscles: ostriches

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So came about Mediterranean islands with dwarf deer and Australasian islands with giant, flightless birds.
Frenetically paced, Penguins Of Madagascar initially sketches the back story of the four plucky Antarctic critters with a beak for adventure through the lens of a documentary film crew, keen to observe the flightless birds in their treacherous natural habitat.
From flightless birds to birds of prey, the discussions are simple, clear, and designed to attract young reader attention and interest.
And surprisingly, the study concluded, both of these flightless birds once flew.
the stand at us and hiss, flightless birds, poised for ambush or take
In this sophisticated counting book, ten flightless birds that look like crows endeavor to cross a river.
The new pool has underwater viewing areas, where visitors can see the flightless birds in their element.
Between long spikes of yucca and small flightless birds with
From Albatrosses to Wrens, this 11-volume reference for young adults contains 139 alphabetical information on the major bird groupings of the world, the common North American families and 63 single species, and a variety of thematic topics, including anatomy, bills and diet, birding, colonies, conservation, courtship and mating, defense, displays, domestic fowl, eggs and young, evolution, extinct birds, feathers and plumage, flight, flightless birds, flocks, legs and feet, migration, nests, ornithology, pet birds, senses, sexual differentiation, songs, swimming and diving, taxonomy, territories, and threats to birds.
And if that isn't enough, now these flightless birds are helping researchers understand climate change.
bought the pair of 5-foot-high flightless birds, one took off July 27, frightened by Doyle, the family dog, 17-year-old Ruben Navarro Jr.
The setting is Antarctica, the home of the Emperor penguin--tall, flightless birds that each need a "heart song" to attract a mate.
Noitulove' ('evolution' spelt backwards), follows three friends drinking in a pub, who journey back through evolution, regressing into prehistoric figures and flightless birds to get the ultimate reward of a pint of Guinness.
These flightless birds didn't stand a chance against the voracious predator and were nearly extinct by the mid 1980s.
The group saved the flightless birds, and now its leaders ask why Uruguay, which uses the ecological slogan un pais natural to attract tourists, doesn't do more to protect the environment.