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a school for teaching students to fly airplanes

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The Oman Air Flight Training Centre (OAFTC) is one of the tools that the cadets will utilize post MPL graduation.
AECOM will continue to provide all personnel, supervision and other services necessary to perform on-going services for rotary wing flight training, flight training support and flight training service support.
AECOM's rotary wing flight training organization provides classroom academic instruction and hands-on flight training.
The Emirates Flight Training Academy placed an order for five Phenom 100E business jets at the 2015 Dubai Air Show as it was considered to be the ideal entry-level jet for jet pilot training.
Once at the delivery centre, the aircraft were inspected and teams from Cirrus and Emirates Flight Training Academy went through a series of pre-flight appearance, functionality checks and test flights.
Take part in a panel discussions with the Czech Air Force, UK MoD, French Air Force and the European Defence Agency to explore the current and future challenges of flight training.
Emirates Flight Training Academy, the new world-class flight training facility developed by Emirates airline to respond to the industry's growing need for pilots, has signed an agreement with Boeing under which both organizations will collaborate on a comprehensive training curriculum and software infrastructure to support Academy operations.
The flight training centre will boost the development and expansion of its current flight training programme and will offer a commercial pilot's licence alongside a private pilot's licence and can take care of instrument rating qualifications which pilots must have to fly under visually restricted conditions.
Chief Executive Officer of Oman Air, Paul Gregorowitsch, commented The construction of Oman Air Flight Training Centre marks an important part in the airlines development.
They will undergo their initial flight training in an approved training organisation selected by the airline, followed by a type rated course on successful completion of their initial flight training.
The Flight Training Excellence awards were created to highlight the best the flight training industry has to offer, and it was clear from the customer reviews that the AeroVenture Institute is operating at a superior level of quality and service,'' said Brittney Miculka, director of pilot community development for AOPA.
For more information on Denbigh Flight Training visit www.
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry Features) Tue, Feb 18, 2014 - Defence IQ has announced that Northrop Grumman will be a leading industry contributor to the Military Flight Training 2014 conference, taking place between 25-27 March in London.
THE North East's largest Flight Training School, Durham Tees Flight Training (DTFT), is expanding its current operation through the acquisition of St George Flight Training based at Durham Tees Valley and Newcastle Airports.
He maintains the current state of flight training devices has advanced to the point where typical training maneuvers like stalls can initially be taught in devices other than an airplane.