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a medical officer specializing in aviation medicine

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It's extremely rare today for a doctor to make house calls, but as a NASA flight surgeon based at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Dr, Josef Schmid has traveled around the world to take care of his patients.
It's internationally recognized curriculum provides training for flight surgeons from Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Norway.
A flight surgeon is a physician trained in aviation medicine with an emphasis on aeromedical policies and procedures, as well as the stresses of flight and altitude physiology.
He attributes his survival to a team of Airmen that did everything just right at just the right time--from the MOC, to the calm stateside squadron commander, to the heroic fighter pilots of an allied nation, to a deployed operations officer, SOF, mobile pilot, and pair of flight surgeons.
However, seven Air Force flight surgeons answered the call to keep America's astronauts fit to fly.
At least, that's the recommendation of the US Navy's performance maintenance manual, which advises flight surgeons that the "properly administered use of stimulant and sedatives can manage fatigue and maintain pilot performance".
These clinics were staffed by flight surgeons and aeromedical technicians.
Founded in 1913, the American College of Surgeons is a scientific and educational association of top flight surgeons dedicated to improving the quality of care for surgical patients by identifying and establishing high standards for surgical education and practice.
Flight surgeons can contact the NMOTC Det NOMI hyperbaric chamber hotline (answered 24/7) at (850) 449-4629, or their local hyperbaric chambers for assistance with evaluation, diagnosis or transportation issues.
July 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Two flight surgeons supporting Wyle and its NASA Bioastronautics Contract have been selected for the next astronaut class.
The team trained and equipped flight surgeons for night MEDEVAC missions transporting critical patients.
Currently serving as a flight surgeon in NASA's medical operations branch, he is one of seven Air Force flight surgeons at Houston's Johnson Space Center.
Two groups of professionals make the aviators' health their first order of business: aerospace physiologists and flight surgeons.
The purpose of the team is to support NASA's clinical scientists and flight surgeons seeking advice on operational issues related to clinical management, drug treatment, choice of medications, pharmacotherapeutic research goals, and emerging technologies and procedures.
NASA flight surgeons are using Kryptiq's Connect IQ[R] suite to digitally send and share health data with their colleagues and patients.
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