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simulator consisting of a machine on the ground that simulates the conditions of flying a plane


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The Flight Sim Centre was opened in July by owners Neil and Amanda McCarthy, from Seaton Burn, with the fundraising event, on October 24 and 25, being held in their Boeing 737 simulator.
Such hysteria did nothing for the search for the truth about the fateful events of that day but, nonetheless, Microsoft did well to delay the launch of Flight Sim 2002.
Yes, if you're a fan of flight sims, you'll know they fall into two distinct categories.
Flight sim fanatics might demand a joystick, while devotees of combat and action games swear by a gamepad.
It's a loosely connected flight sim that makes you feel as if you've just put 10p in the 80s arcade version of the game rather than playing a next-generation console.
Disk 5 contains "iF-16," the latest flight sim from Imagic.
The US Navy were apparently so impressed with this new flight sim game that they've been using it at airshows to encourage new recruits to enlist.
Third-party rudder pedals provide this realistic experience for flight sim enthusiasts.
We approached this project with the goal of redefining the flight sim experience.
This release raises the bar with amount of detail and flight sim capabilities available to players on iPhone/iPad and Android devices.
Overall Heatseeker is an all-action flight sim designed for console command and gamers who don't need to much of a challenge.
Not since 1942 - the game, not the year - has a WWII flight sim been so enjoyable.
It's a good helicopter flight sim and there aren't many of them these days - I must just try and keep the journos alive next time.
Naturally the PS2's limited control interface means no game is ever going to have the depth of a PC-based flight sim.
It makes your flight sim games much harder - and much more realistic.
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