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the flight crewman responsible for mechanical operation while in flight

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Senior flight mechanic - Warrant Officer Vologzhanin Alexander Petrovich
He is working from the 1997 at The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, as Teaching and Research Assistant at lectures in courses: Flight Mechanic (1997-till now), The Transport Aircraft (1997-2003) and The Transport Aircraft Performance (2008-till now).
Flight mechanic Alan Hartley, who now runs the 450member 271 Squadron Association, was one of the first RAF recruits to work with the twin-engined transport plane at its base at Down Ampney, near Wiltshire.
He served in Vietnam with the Marines as a flight mechanic on an air refueler and cargo plane.
The 15 people rescued by the Philippine Navy and the Philippine Coast Guard include the two pilots, one of the two flight attendants, a flight mechanic and Thompson.
Exning-born, he had served as a flight mechanic in the RAF during World War II and had been mentioned in despatches on two occasions.
IT was mid-May in 1941 and I was a flight mechanic at Cranwell, Lincolnshire, returning to work after lunch when I saw a party of civilians and RAF officers by an old World War One hangar.
Sundar cross-complained asserting claims for unpaid overtime while performing duties as a flight mechanic.
Despite working as a flight mechanic during the Second World War, Harry Lloyd had never flown a plane himself.
Neeld quickly achieved the rank of E-6 in less than 6 years and while on-shore he was the Squadron's Airframes Shop supervisor, Command Training Team Trainer, Safety Petty Officer, Collateral Duty Inspector, Non-Destructive Inspector, Drug & Alcohol Abuse Counselor, and Flight Mechanic.
Taking part in the commemoration were former RAF members Philip Trainer, from Whickham, who was in Singapore during its liberation in 1945 and Dougie Bradley, a former flight mechanic from Wallsend.
I was confident we could maintain a steady platform for my flight mechanic to hoist 120 feet above the climbers.
As an RAF flight mechanic, Mr Holdcroft, now 81, helped maintain the planes that would transport coal to the besieged city.
Army Air Corps during World War II as a S/SGT flight mechanic and gunner on a B-26 Maurader, his unit was known as the "Bomb Busters.
Father-of-three Mr Tailford was part of Bomber Command between 1941 and 1946, working as a flight mechanic and engineer fitter before moving on to flight engineer.
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