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a jacket gathered into a band at the waist

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m dmi ministers popularise flight jackets this winters
As for joining forces and seeing Harrison Ford suited up again as Indiana Jones in his leather flight jacket, khakis, boots, pistol, bullwhip and, yes, the fedora, Allen said it wasn't strange at all.
I was wearing a full-face helmet, my leather flight jacket, leather chaps, my flight boots, and an orange safety vest.
Wearing a black flight jacket adorned with the state seal, Schwarzenegger told a Santa Monica Airport news conference that he plans to continue working with Democrats to try to mirror the successes he had during the past year.
George Bush, strutting in his flight jacket on an aircraft carrier, and announcing victory in Iraq, has turned out to be an embodiment of the Hersey character, his words equally boastful, his military machine equally impotent.
all those many years ago: "I can literally remember what he was wearing: an Air National Guard flight jacket, cowboy boots, complete with the--in Texas you see it a lot--one of the back pockets will have a circle worn in the pocket from where you carry your tin of snuff, your tin of tobacco.
Cheney was taken to the corporal's headquarters where he was searched and his leather flight jacket confiscated.
Dressed warmly in a leather A2 flight jacket, I glanced up at a gray overcast sky as I ducked though the bomb bay doors and slid onto the catwalk, up past the racked dark green 500-pound bombs.
The response put Nelken and Hammons in touch with treasured items such as a Greenville cadet's leather flight jacket and "Shakin' Jake," a like-new cutaway Jacobs R-755 radial engine.
The three recipients were inducted into the PCB Top Gun Hall of Fame and awarded a plaque and a Top Gun leather flight jacket.
25, he was presented a Navy leather flight jacket, a set of Naval Aviator gold wings (donated by the Marine Corps Aviation Association) and a certificate designating him as the 25th Honorary Naval Aviator.
Ever wondered what gouge patches to put on your flight jacket to look like a fleet player?
Shoulder holsters are best worn with a button jacket or a zipped flight jacket.
We've got one top notch Technics flight jacket in petrol blue to give away to the winner.
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