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any of the larger wing or tail feathers of a bird

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The flight feathers of the wings and tail are connected directly to bones or ligaments, as they require a certain structural integrity to withstand the stresses of flying.
Ancient Murrelets might be expected to molt flight feathers while rearing young because foraging may be more efficient when flightless (Livezey 1988; but see Bridge 2004).
The plumage of your breast and abdomen are powder bluewhile your wings, flight feathers, and tail feathers grade cobalt toturquoise.
In adults (AHY/ASY), these features included, but were not limited to, the presence of uniformly glossy-black wing coverts and flight feathers, relatively darker tertials (but without distinct contrasts between adjacent feathers), and relatively fresh, broad, and truncate outer primaries with white tips.
It has a brown upper belly and contrasting grey flight feathers.
He'd been caught in a snare but whoever freed him badly damaged his flight feathers, leaving him grounded and vulnerable.
Flight feathers, wishbone, that perching foot, found in the limestone of a salt lagoon, a mould from the Jurassic, print, exactitude, a frozen moment in Earth's book of stone, the transition between dinosaur and bird, a memory of wing-feathers, skull and bones, like the impression left by a magpie on the lawn, bump-landing, lift-off, touch and go, its wing-beats leaving angels in the snow an icy hour before dawn.
Feather loss in birds with ectoparasite infestation, most commonly affects medial aspects of thighs, neck and covert feathers covering base of flight feathers (Forbes, 2003).
Each year, the drive takes place in late June, when Canada geese molt, shedding their flight feathers and growing new ones.
This basic wing configuration has remained more or less the same for the past 130 million years, with bird wings having a layer of long, asymmetrical flight feathers with short covert feathers on top.
Eight 1-year-old common pintails (Anas acuta acuta) and one 2-year-old white-faced whistling duck (Dendrocygna viduata) were presented for the persistence of primary flight feathers 1 year after pinioning.
Also important: that the chicks develop their more weatherproof, flight feathers, and that they demonstrate fear.
Social lapwing with a length between 27-30 centimetres is a strikingly patterned greyish plover with black and chestnut belly whereas saker falcon is a large falcon with a length of 47-55 cm, wingspan between 105-129 cm, a brown upper belly, contrasting grey flight feathers as well as paler brown head.
There was a distinct change from the white, downy, chest feathers to the tawny-brown flight feathers on the wing and back.
All but the most complicated asymmetrical flight feathers have shown up so far in dinosaurs, Prum notes.