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control from ground stations of airplanes in flight by means of messages transmitted to the pilot electronically

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E1-1 in Hall 1, Liebherr-Aerospace will exhibit products from the fields of air management, flight control and actuation, gearboxes and landing gear systems.
Through its teamwork and dedication, the PMA-265 Air Vehicle Systems Flight Controls IPT successfully stood up non-existent repair capability within the Navy, and increased repair capability of contracted commercial sources.
19, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NASA has completed the first tests with an F/A-18 research jet to evaluate the autonomous flight control system for the agency's Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.
Precision Flight Controls will be offering D-BOX's motion technology as an option for all new cockpit sales, as well as a retrofit option for units sold, giving their already 10,000 customer-base, comprised of Colleges, Universities, flight schools, governments as well as individual users, the opportunity to have the most accurate experience in flight simulation.
Travel Business Review-15 July 2010-Honeywell Offers Flight Control System to COMAC(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
Keep the aft rotating beacon out of harm's way by making sure the flight controls are in the neutral position to spare the light.
New digital flight controls and displays make it apparent that this jet is not like the "muscle car" they flew previously.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - NASA researchers are gearing up for tests into smart flight control software hoped someday to allow safe landings by battle-damaged military jets and commercial jetliners with mechanical problems.
Everything appeared fine until on August 8, 1993, during a normal maneuver, a pilot flying the Gripen in an airshow fully saturated the flight controls and entered an unrecoverable PIO.
The flight controls in a Hornet have a tendency to revert to MECH during FCFs.
Beyond the G650ER, Thales now supplies fly-by-wire flight controls on four Gulfstream platforms.
Marked as the first remotely piloted aircraft that will eventually meet Federal Aviation Administration requirements for flights in civilian air space, Altair has a fault-tolerant, dual-architecture flight control system and triple redundant avionics to increase reliability.
Navy, with its wings highly modified, including additional flight controls.
The work Athena is doing in the area of flight controls and navigation for every type of UAV imaginable is groundbreaking.
This requires flight controls that ensure superior performance and safety whilst reducing weight and optimising volume, therefore reducing fuel consumption.
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