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Consumers can now connect their Flickr accounts to Jumptuit and easily access and manage their photos and videos stored in Flickr, other cloud services and on their devices.
Lake Vyrnwy in mid-Wales by Flickr member Joanne Cox
Sweet Pea seed <B pod by Flickr member nelsonallan72
Consumers will be able to connect to their online Flickr accounts without the need to download or install any additional applications.
The metadata and thumbnail images from both groups are harvested weekly from flickr into PictureAustralia's collection.
With around 1 million photos shared each day, Flickr currently boasts of a record 92 million users across 63 countries, who have actively contributed to almost 2 million groups on the site.
Providing the ability to edit directly within Flickr is an important step in offering our 20 million members around the globe a complete photo experience.
SUNRISE Reader parsy72 captures Dunstanburgh Castle at dawn CURVY Reader chillie 63 posted this shot of Stockton's Infinity Bridge MYSTERIOUS Reader and prolific flickr group contributor K Arran posted this breathtaking shot of the North Sea coast
Paul Bevan, the library's senior web research officer, said that because the Flickr site, owned by Yahoo, is the largest photo-sharing site available it would bring the collection to a much wider audience.
Now when a Flickr group -- ranging from the funky to the sublime -- has new content, netomat subscribers can receive the image resized for mobile phones along with any associated text.
today announced that its Share-It one-click image uploading service now offers location tagging for photos and video clips sent from GPS-enabled phones to Flickr and YouTube as well as Buzznet, Dada.
Flickr group photographer Vincent Phillips found a lofty vantage point for this view across Liverpool One and the city centre.
LIVERPOOL THE talented photographers of the Daily Post's Flickr group have been busy capturing the life and soul of our region this week.
Really easy Web pages - use Web services like MySpace, Flickr, Blogger, and others to get photos, video, and blogs up with little effort.
Red Sky by John Warwood (Flickr JRT) Acocks Green library, by Elliott Brown (ell brown) Shoe shop, by Dal Hutton Birmingham bus, by Keshvala Selfridges, by Trav28 Flickr grab of Albert, who appeared in the Birmingham Mail last week and developed an instant following Totem in Cannon Hill Park, by Peter Hodgson