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The next components of the JLOTS system to arrive, the ELCAS(M) and the Army trident pier, came by rail and aboard the SS Flickertail State from Norfolk.
Navy cargo handling battalion personnel operated the cranes onboard the SS Flickertail State and the USNS Pililaau.
These came via SS Flickertail State and rail, respectively, from Norfolk, Va.
Battalion personnel who operated the cranes onboard the Flickertail State and the Pililaau.
These included the USNS Pililaau, an LMSR capable of carrying 380,000 square feet of cargo; the SS Cape Mohican, one of MSC's two heavy-lift ships; the SS Flickertail State, a crane ship that lifts cargo from its holds onto watercraft or a temporary or fixed pier; and the SS Chesapeake, a fuel tanker designed for OPDS operations.