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Synonyms for stiffness

the physical property of being inflexible and hard to bend

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the property of moving with pain or difficulty

firm resoluteness in purpose or opinion or action

the inelegance of someone stiff and unrelaxed (as by embarrassment)

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The ratio of soft to hard segments in Pebax determines the extent of impact on the physical properties, like tensile and flexural modulus.
When kenaf fibers were treated with MF resin alone, that is, at the 1/6/0 molar ratio of melamine/formaldehyde/acrylamide, the flexural modulus of the resulting kenaf--UPE composites was significantly higher than that of the control.
Flexural strength and flexural modulus of okra fiber reinforced polyester composites at highest volume fraction is shown in Fig.
The flexural stress (used in structure designs) experience the behaviour as the flexural modulus along with the thermal treatments applied upon the composite samples.
The tensile modulus and flexural modulus versus filler (kaolin) content for BPU (25 wt%)/PF (75 wt%) IPN is shown in Fig.
SprayWall is stronger, has a higher flexural modulus, and has lower creep than most other materials, including most epoxies.
Invision PX, a modified-PP-capped TPO, and monolayer Invision TX boast a flexural modulus of 400,000 psi with ductility down to -30 C.
In this work, a complete and comprehensive study of density profile effect on the apparent flexural modulus of structural polymer foams is presented.
The cured system has an elongation of 8%, an acrylic-like flexural modulus of 350,000 psi, notched Izod impact strength of 0.
The high flexural modulus is said to enable the lower edges of the fascias to resist aerodynamic distortion or flutter that can result when the Fusion is traveling at highway speeds.
about 1 km/min, did show a higher flexural modulus in the preliminary work.
It calculates key test parameters, such as ultimate tensile strength, offset yield strength, modulus of elasticity, total elongation, modulus of rupture, flexural modulus and many more.
up to 20% elongation at break, and flexural modulus ranging from 305,000 to 335,000 psi, it has the stiffness and toughness of ABS.
71 J/cm and a flexural modulus ranging from 2000 to 2400 MPa, DMX-SL 100 offers the stiffness of ABS-type resins with more than twice the impact strength, plus up to 20% elongation at break, says DSM Somos.
In these applications, 40% talc filled, high flexural modulus parts are said to have achieved excellent release by incorporating 0.