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a skeletal muscle whose contraction bends a joint

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Muscle activity for the finger flexors was first calibrated to percentage of maximum voluntary contraction by having participants press down as hard as possible on the test keypad with all fingers simultaneously.
CASE REPORT: During routine dissection of the upper limb of an elderly male cadaver, a variant muscle was seen unilaterally on the ventral aspect of the distal third of the flexor compartment of right forearm in a plane deep to the flexor digitorum superficialis between the flexor pollicis longus and the flexor digitorum profundus.
Closed avulsion of the flexor digitorum superficialis (FDS) associated with an avulsion of the FDP is a rare occurrence.
However, when the hip flexors become tight, it causes excessive extension in the low back, which can cause the back extensors to become hyperactive, and spinal nerves become compressed," says Salazar.
Our patients was pianist, because of ethical considerations we was not able to wider incisions and explore of other digit as it may be present in other finger flexors too.
1) Foam roll and stretch your hip flexors, quads and adductors (inner thighs).
In the task which requires maximal voluntary co-contractions of the upper arm muscles, stronger elbow flexors would need only to be activated to the extent to which they cancel the torque produced by weaker elbow extensors, resulting in a lower activation level in the elbow flexors than in the extensors during the task (Maeo et al.
Variation in nerve supply of lumbrical muscles in the hand and foot, with some observation on the innervation of the perforating flexors.
Most of these studies have focused on the strength of evertor and invertor muscle groups [7,10-14] and some have tested strength of dorsi flexors and plantar flexors [5,9,15].
However, the hip flexors may be more influential in increasing speed of gait and running performance due to their role in bringing the thigh forward and upward during the swing phase of running (15,22).
At, birth the pastern and fetlocks of the fore legs and sometimes the carpal joints are flexed to varying degrees due to shortening of the superficial and deep digital flexors and associated muscles.
1-8) Contra-lateral imbalances in strength of hip flexors, hip extensors, and knee flexors in asymptomatic subjects predict future lower extremity injuries such as hamstring strains or single leg overuse injuries (1,3,4,6,8) while contra-lateral differences between hip extensors strength in asymptomatic subjects predicts future lower back pain.
The muscle groups we assessed were the hip flexors and hip extensors, and the separate muscles we tested were the knee flexors, knee extensors, ankle dorsiflexor, and ankle plantar flexors (gastrocnemius and soleus).
Maximum isometric knee extensors and elbow flexors strength was assessed during the one-hour exercise class as a "station" in the circuit training offered as part of the programme.