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a skeletal muscle whose contraction bends a joint

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As you walk, feel the extension and stretch in the hip flexor of your back leg.
This stretches the quadriceps muscle and the two-joint hip flexor muscle.
1) Foam roll and stretch your hip flexors, quads and adductors (inner thighs).
In the task which requires maximal voluntary co-contractions of the upper arm muscles, stronger elbow flexors would need only to be activated to the extent to which they cancel the torque produced by weaker elbow extensors, resulting in a lower activation level in the elbow flexors than in the extensors during the task (Maeo et al.
flexor cruris lateralis, finally tapering to a strong tendon behind the knee.
The hip flexors within this index explained more of the variability (44%) than other muscles (Table 5).
For the measurement of elbow flexors, participants were seated on a regular chair, with the upper arm along the body, the elbow joint in 90[degrees] and forearm supinated.
The abnormal deep and short radial wrist flexor (flexor carpi radialis) is rare.
Primary muscles either directly or indirectly engaged: hip flexors, gluteals, and abdominals.
Rolf further noted that an individual's level of erect posture depended on the degree of balance between his flexors (contracting muscles) and extensors (extending muscles).
The hip flexors and extensors allow front-to-back leg movement, as in running.
In Stage II, we regain flexibility of the running musculature, including hip flexors, extensors and rotators, and knee and calf musculature--but not forgetting the head, neck and shoulder musculature.
The next day, the patient was able to open her eyes and responded to painful stimuli, corneal reflexes were present bilaterally, oculocephalic reflex was present, and planters were flexors bilaterally.
Three muscle groups in the lower limb were assessed: hip adductors, knee extensors, and ankle plantar flexors.
This stretch stretches your quadriceps and hip flexors.