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Synonyms for indomethacin

a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trade name Indocin)

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On January 13, 1956, FDA approved McNeil Laboratories' new drug Flexin (zoxazolamine) for the relief of muscle spasms in conditions like musculoskeletal disorders and neurological diseases.
That the Oraflex experience so strongly resonates with echoes from the agency's regulation of Flexin is particularly ironic in that these drugs had a similar molecular structure and were two of only three such drugs ever approved by FDA.
15) On June 11, 1958, a supplemental NDA for Flexin was submitted for the drug's use as a uricosuric agent to treat gout.
Phiten partnered with Pac Div to write, produce and perform the original song "Still Flexin," a humorous take on the "History of Bling" that takes viewers through time - from Ancient Egypt to the Golden Age of Hip Hop - and provides a tongue-in-cheek tour of the prominence of accessories and their cultural relevance through the ages.
Worthy of particular credit are the anthemic Riders, soul ballad Don't Treat Me Like A Fool, the infectious Ain't Got You and Flexin.