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According to Suidman, CB is the main ebook distributor for the Dutch- and Flemish-speaking markets, and he claims it enjoys a 98% market share.
Being Flemish-speaking (along with fluency in French, Latin, Italian and English) was a benefit to the young bishop, who arrived to take his assigned seat four weeks after the council began.
For the proper functioning of the state, a deal was reportedly being considered last light, in which a number of minority parties - left, right, Flemish and French-speaking - opined their differences over Belgium's contentious constituency boundaries, including on French-speaking and Flemish-speaking lines, the paper said.
This time even the French speakers are publicly raising the question: the very existence of the Kingdom of Belgium is at stake today after some 30 years of growing radicalisation among Flemish-speaking Belgians.
The N-VA favours independence for the Flemish-speaking region of Flanders
Flemish-speaking Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Spain), ethnic minorities, immigrants and asylum seekers (e.
It was blamed on a misunderstanding between a Flemish-speaking signalman and a colleague who spoke French.
It is deeply divided between the French-speaking Walloons and the Flemish-speaking Flamands.
Although Brussels is located within what was historically a Flemish-speaking area, it is highly unlikely that a majority of this overwhelmingly francophone city, if given a choice, would elect to dissolve Belgium to become part of Flanders.
Christophe Van Rompaey directs his Flemish-speaking cast away from playing into stereotypes, and the characters seem gritty and spontaneous as a result.
The Government of Flanders, which represents Belgium's Flemish-speaking community of approximately 6 million people, is leasing 7,400 s/f on the 44th floor for an Investment and Trade Office, an Office of Tourism, and Flanders House, dedicated to cultural promotion.
Petillon argues that the failure of Flemish-speaking women and many Roubasien working-class natives to control their fertility complements their high mortality rates, illiteracy, and fervent religious beliefs to suggest a population inured to poverty, passively accepting high fertility and mortality.
Many Flemish-speaking people today come from Latin stock.
Today, visiting the cheerful picturesque city that the Flemish-speaking Belgians call Ieper, it is hard to imagine that 90 years ago not a single building stood undamaged by shell-fire.
The majority of Belgians to arrive in the region were from the Flemish-speaking areas around Antwerp - in particular Ostend, Malines and Aerschot - and were of the artisan class, skilled in such trades as cabinet making, weaving and lace production.