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able to communicate in Flemish

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Being Flemish-speaking (along with fluency in French, Latin, Italian and English) was a benefit to the young bishop, who arrived to take his assigned seat four weeks after the council began.
France, Norway, Portugal, Flemish-speaking Belgium and Greece have also made strides towards the development of systems of assessment of prior learning, or bilan des competences.
Christophe Van Rompaey directs his Flemish-speaking cast away from playing into stereotypes, and the characters seem gritty and spontaneous as a result.
TeleSAT is part of AIRFIELD MEDIA GROUP that operates TV VLAANDEREN, the leading digital satellite platform for Flemish-speaking Belgium.
The Government of Flanders, which represents Belgium's Flemish-speaking community of approximately 6 million people, is leasing 7,400 s/f on the 44th floor for an Investment and Trade Office, an Office of Tourism, and Flanders House, dedicated to cultural promotion.
Petillon argues that the failure of Flemish-speaking women and many Roubasien working-class natives to control their fertility complements their high mortality rates, illiteracy, and fervent religious beliefs to suggest a population inured to poverty, passively accepting high fertility and mortality.
Many Flemish-speaking people today come from Latin stock.
Today, visiting the cheerful picturesque city that the Flemish-speaking Belgians call Ieper, it is hard to imagine that 90 years ago not a single building stood undamaged by shell-fire.
The majority of Belgians to arrive in the region were from the Flemish-speaking areas around Antwerp - in particular Ostend, Malines and Aerschot - and were of the artisan class, skilled in such trades as cabinet making, weaving and lace production.
Two County Durham schools, Shotley Bridge and Ouston Infants, are taking part, along with teachers from Flemish-speaking Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.
It started as soon as they walked out on to Centre Court, Clijsters - from the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium, as opposed to Henin-Hardenne whose mother-tongue is French, trailed two steps behind the French Open champion as they strode out.
The only survivor was being interviewed by a Flemish-speaking Coastguard interpreter about the incident.
Denis (1402-71) was born in the Flemish-speaking part of modern Belgium, became a Carthusian monk at the earliest possible age, became known as a mystic and theologian, and was given the title Doctor Ecstaticus.
The little blonde French-speaking Belgian is convinced she is on her way to the summit of the women's game after pipping Flemish-speaking Clijsters to the honour of being the first Belgian to win one of the four top-tier tournaments.
For example, pointed out Baert, a yellow hue vanilla product is generally better accepted in the Ardennes region of Belgium than in the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium, where a more traditional white vanilla color sells best.