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an ethnic group speaking Flemish and living in northern and western Belgium

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one of two official languages of Belgium

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In the middle of the hall, opposite the great door, a platform of gold brocade, placed against the wall, a special entrance to which had been effected through a window in the corridor of the gold chamber, had been erected for the Flemish emissaries and the other great personages invited to the presentation of the mystery play.
Nothing was to be heard but imprecations on the Flemish, the provost of the merchants, the Cardinal de Bourbon, the bailiff of the courts, Madame Marguerite of Austria, the sergeants with their rods, the cold, the heat, the bad weather, the Bishop of Paris, the Pope of the Fools, the pillars, the statues, that closed door, that open window; all to the vast amusement of a band of scholars and lackeys scattered through the mass, who mingled with all this discontent their teasing remarks, and their malicious suggestions, and pricked the general bad temper with a pin, so to speak.
However, there is a maypole and a bonfire in the town; a mystery, Pope of the Fools, and Flemish ambassadors in the city; and, at the university, nothing
All eyes turned to the estrade reserved for the Flemish envoys.
On the first landing I met a Flemish housemaid: she had wooden shoes, a short red petticoat, a printed cotton bedgown, her face was broad, her physiognomy eminently stupid; when I spoke to her in French, she answered me in Flemish, with an air the reverse of civil; yet I thought her charming; if she was not pretty or polite, she was, I conceived, very picturesque; she reminded me of the female figures in certain Dutch paintings I had seen in other years at Seacombe Hall.
Gudule; for a step --but half a step farther, and you would plunge headlong into the gulf of imbecility; there lodged, you would speedily receive proofs of Flemish gratitude and magnanimity in showers of Brabant saliva and handfuls of Low Country mud.
He sate on the roof of the cabin all day drinking Flemish beer, shouting for Isidor, his servant, and talking gallantly to the ladies.
I can do something better than that, sir, I can speak Flemish.
Contract notice: analysis, design research and instrument development in the context of local space projects in the province of flemish brabant
Indeed, at the time the coalition between three Flemish left-wing parties and the French-speaking party he leads was announced, political commentators nicknamed it 'the kamikaze coalition' because it seemed so combustible.
The Van Otterloo and Weatherbie gift includes the couples' respective collections of 17th-century Dutch and Flemish painting, carefully assembled over the course of almost three decades, and comprising a total of 113 pictures by 76 artists.
By: Walaa Ali CAIRO -- 21 October 2017: After the announcement of the Kurdistan and Catalonia independence referendums, many entities in Europe, which have been seeking separatism and independence for many years, have emerged, such as Corsica in France, Scotland, the Flemish region in Belgium, Faroe Islands in Denmark, and Basque Country in Spain and New Caledonia in France.
Dutch and Flemish Newspapers of the Seventeenth Century, 1618-1700; 2 volume set
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-February 18, 2016-Mellanox's end-to-end EDR 100Gb/s infiniBand solution selected by Flemish Supercomputer Centre in Belgium
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 18, 2016-Mellanox's end-to-end EDR 100Gb/s infiniBand solution selected by Flemish Supercomputer Centre in Belgium