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Synonyms for fleet

Synonyms for fleet

Synonyms for fleet

group of aircraft operating together under the same ownership

a group of steamships operating together under the same ownership

move along rapidly and lightly

disappear gradually

moving very fast


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An information package that would surely not have gone unappreciated among the poor souls who first thrashed their rackets around the grim confines of the Fleet Prison two centuries ago.
Pickwick, refusing to pay damages, is sent to the Fleet Prison.
He ends up in the Fleet Prison, from which he is rescued by Mr.
When Pickwick is sent to the Fleet Prison, Sam Weller, rather than leave his master, gets his father to arrest him for debt.
The militia captain from Tullow, Co Carlow, used to work as a gigolo and landed in the Fleet Prison for debt.
Also on This Day: 1840: Birthday of Frenchnovelist Emile Zola; 1884: The London debtors prison, the notorious Fleet Prison, was finally closed; 1973: Value Added Tax took the place of Purchase Tax and Selective Employment Tax; 1982: Argentina invaded and captured the Falkland Islands.
George Legh also came to an unhappy end, dying in the Fleet prison on June 12th, 1529.
Both Sir Piers Dutton and Sir William Brereton, two of the most important members of the Cheshire gentry community, with several others, found themselves humiliated in the Fleet prison.
Continuing north, and leaving the Fleet prison on the right, the canal continues to Holborn before weaving its way (along the course of modern Farringdon Road) to Clerkenwell Green.
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