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an open-air street market for inexpensive or secondhand articles

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Although the name might suggest old and worn out, there is nothing tired and shabby about Baker's Fleamarket range.
Milkwood Gallery, Lochaber Street, Cardiff Christmas Fleamarket, 10am.
We picked it up in a junky fleamarket for a few pounds, simply because of the beaten copper decoration around it.
7) References to a place resembling Rwanda and the genocidal violence are given by the woman at the fleamarket in response to Maliza's query as to why she does not speak the Gulu language:
Ithas been at the same location since the Fleamarket opened 12 years ago.
Fleamarket Funk, Counting House, West Nicolson Street, 07812 349068, 7pm- 3am (not Aug 5, 12 & 19), pounds 5 (pounds 3.
Here, in her debut as a printmaker, Dean showed three portfolios from 2001, two of which consist exclusively of images she found in fleamarket photo bins.
Outside the convention center, MINExpo spread out across a parking lot like a "real hot fleamarket," as one attendee characterized it, with big-ticket items.
Everglades fans cringe at the prospect of fleamarket signs jutting up against the river of grass.
All other furniture from Baker, Fleamarket range, prices start from PS209.
THE first weekend of September and it had to be the Braderie de Lille - the annual grandmother, mother and daughter of street fleamarket spectaculars.
The Oswestry Showground is having a weekend antiques and collectors fleamarket in Shropshire, organised by Amulet Fairs (01824 703110) with some 200 inside stalls plus a large number of outside pitches, 9.
His earliest garment, bought at a Paris fleamarket, is a Burberry trench coat made for French soldiers in the First World War.
BREWING: Joyce Beryl Banks in JH060711Cmirfield-02) Other activities include a stall on Dewsbury Fleamarket, a bag pack at a local supermarket, monthly cake stalls and a table-top sale.
n Burford Fleamarket and Collectors Fair 9am - 5pm at the Methodist Hall, Burford.