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But then, your local flea pit probably has more character (and a jukebox), so that isn't really saying much.
In fact, Moldova is not exactly the flea pit we've been led to believe but neither has it moved to the top of my timeshare exchange list.
The Smallest Show on Earth (1957), a very Ealingesque story where Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna inherit a London flea pit cinema.
A POLICE station has been turned into a flea pit by an infested prisoner.
It's an ancient village dating back to the Iron Age, boasting the Alrewas Arts Festival and village cinema The Flea Pit.
Mr Howell said: ``We may be old but we a reno flea pit.
Not only that, Ryan has been allowed to stay at the Mullen house because Mr Mullen doesn't want his daughter Jo staying in the damp flea pit they called home.
It really was a flea pit with chairs catching fire, it was a dangerous place to be.
The typical student house is no longer like the unhygienic flea pit portrayed in 1980s sitcom The Young Ones - where they would crowd around one old television and fight over a Pot Noodle - but more like the trendy apartments featured in American sitcom Friends, Prof Sharpe wrote.
By the time I was acquainted with this cinema, in the mid-40s, it had been renamed the Plaza (pictured) and had a reputation as something of a flea pit.
Leslie Blond, a well known property owner owned Hope Hall picture house -- the flea pit.
Brendan (Peter McDonald) is a wimp of a Dublin teacher who seeks solace at the local flea pit.
However, on moving to our somewhat swanky penthouse from the proverbial flea pit, we were told we would have to pay a refundable pounds 20 deposit for a remote control to operate the air conditioning.
Then, having one day wandered into the local flea pit to see an EM Forster and found himself watching bawdy teen B-movie Hotpants College II instead, he's confounded to find himself utterly obsessed with its lamentably untalented pretty boystar Ronnie Bostock (Jason Priestley).