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Although bathing pets in a flea bath helps, many pet owners find it helpful to use an additional flea and tick medication.
Conlon sent her 24-year-old son, Jesse Conlon, on the errand of taking two cats for their flea baths.
Happy Tails to You will make your dog look fantastic with a haircut, flea bath, nail-clipping and ear cleaning at a price of $20 (normally $24) for new customers; without the haircut, the cost is $18 (normally $20).
So after learning that a healthy 8-year-old cat brought to a veterinarian for a flea bath was instead euthanized by mistake, I had two reactions: 1.
GARDNER - The lawyer for a veterinarian who mistakenly euthanized a cat brought in for a flea bath said there was a mix-up, but the cat's owner signed paperwork indicating he wanted the cat put to sleep and Dr.