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a drying oil extracted from flax seed and used in making such things as oil paints

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One of the best sources is Flax Oil, which is one of the richest sources of Omega- 3 essential fatty acids.
Flax oil with Omega-3 ALA satisfies all of these needs.
We need a balance of the nutrients found in both flax oil and fish oils.
producer of all natural, culinary quality flax oil products, inked an agreement with Christina Pirello, chef and Emmy Award-winning TV host, to be spokeswoman for its newly released Heart Shape Flax Oils.
announced that its Smart BalanceTM Omega Natural Peanut Butter & Omega-3 from Flax Oil products, sold in jars in creamy and chunky varieties at retail stores across the United States, are not associated with the federal government's investigation of salmonella linked to a production plant in Georgia.
Julie can get her bowels into action by drinking soothing herb teas like fennel, mint and ginger, which ease digestion, and taking a spoonful of lubricating flax oil each day.
producer of all natural, culinary quality flax oil products, introduces Heart Shape Flax Oil and Flax Oil blends.
Taking 400g of Vitamin E a day will give her body more oxygen which will also help her circulation, and a flax oil supplement each morning will soothe her digestion and ease bowel troubles.
The flax oil in Udo's Choice(R) oils is derived from pressing premium quality organic seeds, whereas modern fish oils are made by, well, pressing fish.
Advice to Hilary Swank and Jay Leno: Don't Drink Flax Oil Straight From the Bottle 3.
If you have high cholesterol, you can add flax oil or ground flaxseed to your diet every day.
The foods highest in EFAs are fatty wild fish (farmed fish are low in EFAs), flax oil, soy, and walnuts.
Sustainable & Organic Meats -- Smart Burgers, by Ralph Burgin, of the Cliff House restaurant, made with lean, grass-fed (high in Omega 3), organic beef and shredded apple, are served with flax oil mayonnaise and heirloom tomatoes for a no compromise way to do something right without sacrificing flavor.
Since taking the supplements and eating more oily fish, my skin and nails have really improved, although the flax oil didn't help my bowel troubles.