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a ketone that forms the nucleus of certain natural yellow pigments like riboflavin

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The Flavin works in question are eight monochrome wood reliefs from the early 1960s with, first incandescent, and then fluorescent, sockets and bulbs attached, the latter adumbrating the fluorescent tube installations--some times connotative, sometimes purely phenomenal--for which Flavin is regarded a central member of the American Minimal Art movement.
In cultural retrospect, it is disappointing that though the Flavin Icons were made during Vatican II, which conservatives still accuse of being all too immanentist in thrust, Flavin might conceivably have produced some appropriate new mode of post-Conciliar religious icon, had he not jumped ship.
The frequency distributions of the concentrations of the 3 flavins in plasma and whole blood from our volunteers agree with those obtained with capillary electrophoresis (5,6), HPLC (3,7,8), and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (9).
Aliquots of aqueous (9 g/L NaCl) flavin stock solutions (50 [micro]mol/L) were stored at -20[degrees]C in the dark.
1) The specification changed, so that tubes of the dimensions that fit early Flavins are no longer made, and it is actually no longer lawful to make Flavin's red (Fig.
One can imagine a future date at which neon will be utterly obsolete, and meticulously conserved Flavins will seem as archaic as Romanesque candelabra.