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any of a large class of plant pigments having a chemical structure based on or similar to flavone

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These include Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabidiol-Acid (CBD-A), Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabigerol-Acid (CBG-A) as well as other beneficial cannabinoinds, terpenoids and flavinoids.
Dietary recommendations included lots of many-colored fresh organic vegetables so that we receive a wide variety of flavinoids and antioxidants.
Goldfinger particularly recommends red wine, which he says has high concentrations of protective flavinoids in the dark grape tannins that he says are not found in other alcoholic beverages.
Biocide effects of alkaloids, saponins and flavinoids extracted from Capsicum frutescens L.
Presence of variety of tannins, several lignans like phyllanthin and hypophyllanthin, polyphenols, flavinoids such as quercetin, astragalin and some ellgitannins like catechin and epigallocatechin were isolated from P.
One of the first significant findings was the discovery of flavinoids and antioxidants in tea, and those are thought to do at least two main things.
And it's all to do with flavinoids - substances found in onions and apples.
The volume is divided into five sections covering the nitrogen cycle, plant-soil microbe interactions, epi- and endo-phytic microbes, arthropods, and environmental signaling in nitrogen acquisition, and individual papers address topics such as actinorhizal symbioses, plant defense proteins, flavinoids in legume-rhizobia interactions, and nitric oxide as a signal molecule in bacteria-plant interactions.
When it comes to the skeletal muscles my favorite is sage (Salvia officinalis), which is anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic, with loads of vitamins, minerals, and flavinoids to help build and repair muscle tissue.