Flavian dynasty

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a dynasty of Roman Emperors from 69 to 96 including Vespasian and his sons Titus and Domitian

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It seems ultimately fitting that the Queensland 'Vespasian 2000' conference should end with a positive assessment of the founder of the Flavian dynasty at the university which employed two of that dynasty's most devoted researchers--Brian Jones and Bob Milns.
Part II, "The Early Empire," covers the rise of Augustus and continues through the fall of the Julio-Claudians to the end of the Flavian Dynasty in 98 CE.
Symbol of Rome the world over, the Colosseum was built by the emperors of the Flavian dynasty between 72-80AD.
The Michael O'Brien-trained mare Flavian Dynasty proved her current well-being when landing a flat maiden at Downpatrick last week and might make a successful return to hurdling in the Tipperary Hurdle.
33) Suetonius' treatment of Flavia Domitilla should not be taken necessarily as undercutting the Flavian dynasty, since Titus did not shirk from public acknowledgement of her on two sesterces from AD 80-81: the image of a carpentum with legends MEMORIAE DOMITILLAE S.
Michael O'Brien saddled first and second home in the juvenile hurdle as 10/1 shot Essex, a third winner as stable-jockey for Davy Russell, outpointed 14/1 stable-companion Flavian Dynasty, with disappointing even-money favourite Quel Doun third.