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any of a large class of plant pigments having a chemical structure based on or similar to flavone

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In fact, the amount of cocoa flavanols in chocolate varies dramatically as traditional processing methods destroy the cocoa flavanols naturally present.
Plant-based nutrients called cocoa flavanols were found to improve the function of the heart as age causes arteries to stiffen.
The cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia supplements are backed by two decades of research and are scientifically proven to promote a healthy heart by supporting healthy blood flow, according to the company.
5), Bethany Brookshire described how these molecules, called flavanols, also improve older people's ability to tell complex visual patterns apart.
To consume the levels of flavanols used in the brain study you'd need to eat between 10 and 20 bars of chocolate each day - not good if you want to maintain your figure
In the CUMC study, 37 healthy volunteers, ages 50 to 69, were randomized to receive either a high-flavanol diet (900 mg of flavanols a day) or a low-flavanol diet (10 mg of flavanols a day) for three months.
The findings support recent research linking flavanols, especially epicatechin, to improved blood circulation, heart health and memory in mice, snails and humans.
This study aimed to evaluate the photoprotective potential of chocolate consumption comparing a conventional dark chocolate with a specially produced chocolate with preserved high flavanol (HF) levels.
Epicatechin acts like a prodrug, since these effects involve O-methylation of the flavanol and are attributed to apocynin-like inhibition of endothelial NADPH oxidase.
Choxi+ Minibars have been designed to supply all the flavanol antioxidants that people need without tempting anyone to eat more chocolate than they really should.
A DELICIOUS 25g Choxi+ Minibar contains just 136 calories and provides a whole day's supply of flavanol antioxidants.
They found that the beverage, which contained much higher than normal levels of flavanol compounds, significantly improved the function of arteries.
When chocolate manufacturers make confectionery, the natural cocoa solids can be darkened and the flavanols, which are bitter, removed, so even a dark-looking chocolate can have no flavanol.
The premium brand, which is expected to go into stores next year, also taps into the health and wellness category, as cocoa flavanol has been found to help maintain a healthy heart and blood flow, according to research by the Harvard Medical School.